Deluxe Blackout Fabric Roller Shades
Deluxe Blackout Fabric Roller Shades
Deluxe Blackout Fabric Roller Shades
Deluxe Blackout Fabric Roller Shades

Blackout Fabric Roller Shades

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If you’re looking for added privacy and light control, it’s hard to beat our Blackout Fabric Roller Shades. Made with woven polyester with an acrylic blackout backing, these shades are the ideal additions to rooms where you want total control over outside lightning, such as bedrooms, nurseries or home offices.

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  • Production Time: Approximately 20-25 Business Days.
  • Shipping Time: Approximately 1-5 Business Days.
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  • Blackout fabric
  • Custom made to your measurements; 93" width x 120" height max
  • Woven polyester with acrylic backing (blackout)
  • Odor free and non-toxic
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines


  • Acrylic backed room darkening blackout fabric blocks 99% of light (back of fabric is white)
  • Light gap per side: 7/16"
  • Nylon beaded chain on the right only. 
  • Beaded chain colors for continuous loop lift are color coordinated to the fabric.  Clutch is white.
  • Plain tailored hem; no fringe options
  • Factory deductions for inside mount: 1/8" tip to tip deduction; 1/2" barrel deduction: 1 1/4" fabric deduction 
  • Factory deductions for outside mount: no deduction tip to tip; 3/8" barrel deduction; 1 1/4" 
  • Minimum width: 15"
  • Maximum width: 93" 
  • Minimum height: 10"
  • Maximum height: 120"
  • Minimum depth required for inside mount: 1 1/4" 
  • Depth required for inside flush mount: 2 1/2" 
  • Outside mount flat space required:  1 1/2"; 
  • Continuous loop lift: cord length approximately 2/3 height of shade


Standard Roll Orientation
  • Standard Roll Orientation - Fabric rolls off the back of the roller (closest to the window).
Chain Lift
  • Chain Lift - A continuous loop beaded chain with tensioning mechanism is used to operate the shade. 

Inside Mount

  • Mounted within the window frame
  • Provides a clean, built-in look
  • Great way to leave attractive woodwork exposed
  • Minimum depth required for secure inside mount: 1 1/4"
  • Depth required for inside flush mount: 2 1/2"
  • If window frame isn't deep enough, please select outside mount

Outside Mount

  • Great option when there is not enough depth for an inside mount
  • Mounted to the wall, ceiling or molding surface surrounding the window
  • Often used to make the window appear larger or to hide a less attractive window or door
  • No minimum depth requirement
  • Minimum flat surface (on wall, ceiling or frame) required for secure outside mount: 1 1/2".

Measuring for Inside Mount

STEP 1: Measure the inside width the top of the window opening (where you will mount the shade). We will make the necessary deductions (approx. 1/8").

STEP 2: Measure the height at 3 locations - the left side, middle and right side. Record the largest of the 3 measurements. This is your ordering height.

NOTE: Roller shade fabrics will be approximately 1-1/2 inches narrower than your ordering width to allow for brackets. If concerned over resulting light gap please select outside mount.

Measuring for Outside Mount

STEP 1: Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows we recommend adding 2-3" (1-1 1/2" each side) to this measurement to help eliminate light seepage. This is your ordering width and will be the overall measurement of the blind.

STEP 2: Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. This is your ordering height. Be sure to take into account the flat mounting surface needed (see above) when measuring the area you want to cover with your shade. The factory will make your shade (including the roller at the top or the cassette valance, if ordered) to the height ordered. Generally 3" - 4" added to the height of your opening (including molding or framework you wish to cover) will allow you room to mount above the window frame.

NOTE: Your shade material will be made 1-1/2 inches narrower than the measurement you provide to allow for brackets. If you need your shade to cover a specific width (e.g. for mounting a shade on a door) add 1-1/2 inches to your ordered width for the desire fabric width.

How to Install Blackout Fabric Roller Shades

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