Frequently Asked Questions

If I place an order today, when can I expect to receive it?

All of our products are custom-made and production time varies by product from 2-10 business days, starting the business day after we receive your order. Every product on our website states the estimated production time and it is also listed by product on your order confirmation. Shipping takes another 1-5 business days. Most orders are received within 1" - 2 1/2" weeks after the order is placed.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you prefer to pay by check or money order please contact us. We do not accept credit cards from foreign banks or PayPal.

Will I have to pay tax on my order?

There is no sales tax except on orders shipping to a Texas address. If your order is shipping to a Texas address, there is an 8.25 percent sales tax.

Do you charge for shipping my order?

Shipping is free on all orders.

If I pay for my order with a credit card, when will my card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time you submit your order. All of our products are custom-made to your order specifications so we require payment in full before production of your order begins.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order after it is placed?

Production of your order usually starts the first business day after we receive it. We must be notified within one business day from the time your order is placed to cancel or make any changes.

Will I get an order confirmation?

When you place your order online, you will immediately receive an order confirmation by email.

Do you share my personal information with other companies?

Your information will be kept confidential and used only by us. We do not share our customers' information with any other companies.

Do you ship orders to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally?

No. We ship only to the 48 contiguous states of the U.S.

Will you notify me when my order ships?

Yes. You will receive an email notification the day after your order ships along with the tracking information and an estimated delivery date for your order.

Do you sell products other than the ones I see on your website?

No. All of the products we sell are featured on our website.

Can I get a catalog or brochure?

No, All of our products are featured on our website, so we do not have a printed catalog or brochure.

How do your products compare with the well-known national brands?

We sell only top quality products that are comparable to the national brands. Every product we offer is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Some of our products are made by the same factories as name brand products.

Is there a minimum depth requirement for an inside mount?

Yes, you will need a certain amount of depth in order to install a blind or shade within the recessed area of your window opening. This amount varies by product (usually 3/4” to 2”) and you can find this information under "Specifications" on the webpage for each product. Remember that if you only have the minimum depth then some of the blind or shade will extend outside the window. All of our products list the minimum depth required and the flush mount depth required on the product specification page.

What is the top down/bottom up option offered on some of your shades?

The top down/bottom up option allows you to lower your shade from the top or lift from the bottom, so that you can cover only portions of the window with the shade fabric and still enjoy the view, while maintaining privacy.

Please explain the difference between inside and outside mount.

  • Simply stated, these terms refer to whether you will be installing your window coverings inside or outside the window opening. Inside mount means the blind or shade will be installed within the recessed area of your window opening. Outside mount means the blinds or shades will be installed on the wall surface outside the window opening, either above or to the sides of the window, directly on the trim or molding that surrounds the perimeter of the window opening or on a door (again, above or to the side).

  • Outside mount blinds are usually used in windows that don't have enough depth to mount the blinds/shades or when you are trying to get better light control by covering the entire window. We recommend that you add 3” to the height and width to allow room to install the brackets (minimum required space is listed in the specification section of each product) and give better light coverage.

What is the continuous loop lift cord option offered on different types of shades?

A continuous loop lift cord option means the lift cord of the shades is a continuous loop operated by a clutch assembly to make lifting and lowering the shade smooth and easy. This option is especially recommended for larger shades.

How do cordless shades work?

A blind or shade with the cordless option will not have any visible external lift cords. The blind or shade can be raised and lowered by pressing a button or grasping a handle on the bottomrail and moving it into place. This is a very popular option for homes with children or pets.

How do you get accurate window measurements before ordering blinds or shades?

  • For inside mount: Measure the width of the window opening at the top, middle and bottom of the window. Use the smallest of these 3 measurements to order you blinds or shades. We will make a small insde mount deduction that varies based on produt you are order please see specifications.  Measure the height on the far left, middle, and far right of the window and use largest height measurement when placing your order.

  • Roller/ Solar shades you will measure the top of your window only and use that as your width measurement a small deduction will be taken by the manufacturer. Measure the height on the far left, middle, and far right of the window and use largest height measurement when placing your order.

  • For outside mount: Measure the full width of the area you want to cover with the blind or shade shade and, if space permits, add an extra 3" to each side to eliminate light leakage. Measure the full height of the area you wish to cover with the shade and add 1 ½" to 2" to encompass the flat mounting surface area. Add additional inches to account for things like molding or framework that you wish to cover with the window covering. The minimum flat space needed for the bracket is listed in the specification section for each product.

What are blackout shades?

As the name implies, blackout shades are designed to literally "blackout" a room by blocking virtually all natural and artificial light from entering through the windows. Light is eliminated because the fabric used on these shades blocks 100% of the light. However, there will still be residual light that comes in around the edges of the shades. When installed correctly, blackout shades can reduce up to 99% of light from entering a room.

How do you buy blinds or shades for windows?

Buying window blinds or shades is a relatively simple process that requires making a few important decisions, such as:

  • Do you prefer blinds or shades?
    Blinds and shades are both effective window coverings with their own pros and cons. Blinds are easily adjusted and can be opened to let in light without being raised. In addition, blinds are often preferable with certain types of décor and home stylings. Shades may be slightly less versatile and must be raised to let in light (or lowered for top-down/bottom-up varieties), but they offer a much greater variety of color and pattern to match furniture and other home design elements. Shades also raise and lower easier than blinds.

  • Do you want to install your blinds inside or outside of your window frame?

    • Inside installations are the most common method for hanging blinds. These installations involve mounting the headrail flush within the top of the window frame and the entire blind being contained within the window casing.

    • Outside installations involve mounting the headrail completely outside of the window frame on the wall, molding, or even the ceiling. This method is generally used when the window frame is too shallow for an inside mount or you wish to cover unattractive woodwork or molding around your window.

What are the cheapest blinds to buy?

Our 2" Faux Wood Blinds are our best-selling model of faux wood window coverings and provide an elegant look at an affordable price. Our aluminum blinds are another great option for budget-minded homeowners,our Cordless Aluminum Blinds providing wand and cord-free operation.

What color roller shades work best at reducing sunlight?

  • If you're looking to maximize your roller shades' ability to block out light while matching your interior décor, look for darker colors, dark green, grey, and brown. Black, of course, provides the ultimate in light blocking functionality, and this color is perfect for home theaters, man caves, and home offices. Anything labeled as blackout on our website has fabric that is 100% opaque, not allowing any light to penetrate the fabric itself. There will still be residual light around the edges of any roller shade.

  • For best coverage, most people mount the roller shades outside the window. Roller shades are ordered using the width at the top only. The fabric will be 7/8” to 1 1/2” less than the ordered width. We recommend ordering a roller shade at least 3” wider than the window opening when mount the shade outside the window opening.

What is the best way to remove blinds from a window?

Removing your blinds is an easy process that only requires a few tools and a few simple steps:

  • Raise your blinds all the way to the top
    Raising the blinds makes them compact and much easier to handle and store away if you're planning on replacing or selling them.

  • Remove your blinds from the brackets
    Release the headrail of your blinds from the mounting brackets by pushing it out of the clips that are holding it in place. Check your installation manual to find the easiest and most effective way of completing this step to avoid accidentally damaging the headrail or mounting brackets.

  • Remove the mounting brackets from the wall, window frame, or other surface
    Use a manual or electric screwdriver to detach the mounting brackets and any optional extension brackets from the mounting surface. You can also remove optional components, like hold down brackets and cord cleats, at this time.

What are the best blackout shades?

Our Blackout Cellular Shades would be our best black out option that we carry on YourBlinds.  Blackout Cellular Shades would offer you For best coverage, mount the shades outside the window to completely cover the window opening. We recommend adding 3" to the width and height to get the best coverage.

What are mini blinds?

"Mini blinds" is a common term used to describe blinds with 1" slats. These blinds are described as "mini" because the size of the slats is half the size of the slats used in traditional blinds, which typically feature 2" slats.

What are indoor solar shades for windows?

Indoor solar shades are a type of window covering that significantly reduce glare, heat, and the sun's harmful UV rays while preserving your view of the outdoors

What is the cheapest way to buy blinds?

Our 1" Aluminum Blinds are among our most inexpensive and are perfectly adequate for controlling the amount of light that enters your home or business while also protecting your privacy. If you're looking for a more natural look, consider our 2" Faux Wood Blinds. These window coverings offer the beauty and elegance of natural wood blinds at a fraction of the cost.

What is the minimum width for top-down blinds or shades?

Minimum width requirements generally begin at around 18". Check the individual product listing for the shades you're considering to get the exact specifications for the model before purchasing to verify. Minimum widths are listed in the specification section on every product page.

What is the average size of cellular shades?

The size of cellular shades you order for your home depends on the size of your windows or the size of the area you wish to cover if you install your shades outside of your window frames. For most homes, standard window sizes usually range in widths from 30” to 60” and heights from 36” to 72”. All of our blinds and shades are custom-made to the size you order.

What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades are a classic style of window covering that are among the most versatile and in terms of both blocking out light and matching your home's décor. Roman shades are distinct due to their drape-like appearance, but they also maintain the functionality and ease-of-use of traditional shades

What are roller shades?

Roller shades are window coverings that provide the classic, traditional appearance the most people associate with standard shades. Roller shades can vary in color, design, and even function. At Yourblinds, we offer a wide variety of roller shades, ranging from total blackout shades to light filtering shades. 

What are roller shades made of?

Roller shades are made from a variety of materials. As the name suggests, our Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades are made from a high-quality vinyl fabric that's also reinforced with fiberglass to block out light and provide the ultimate in privacy. We also offer standard roller shades that are manufactured using high-quality woven polyester that uses an acrylic backing if a blackout option is selected. 

What kind of horizontal blinds have the best visibility?

When it comes to visibility, the best types of horizontal blinds are those that have the largest slats. At Yourblinds, we offer several varieties of horizontal blinds with extra-large slats, including our 2 ½" Faux Wood Blinds, and our 2 ½" Wood Blinds.

What are the best faux wood blinds?

At Yourblinds, we offer several types of faux wood blinds that can meet the needs of virtually every homeowner, including:

1" Faux Wood Blinds

What is the best blackout shade for a nursery?

At Yourblinds, we offer a huge variety of blackout shades that can eliminate up to 99% of outside light, giving you the option to make your nursery as dark or as light as you want. Inside mount shades will have small gaps on the side of the fabric, letting in some residual light (halo effect). For best coverage, mount the shades outside the window to completely cover the window opening. We recommend adding 3" to the width and height to get the best coverage.

What is a solar shade?

A solar shade is a window covering that's designed with sun protection, energy efficiency, shade, and glare reduction in mind. Solar shades can be installed anywhere in your home, and many homeowners prefer to install them in areas that receive plenty of sunlight, such as sunrooms, patios, and pool rooms. They're also perfect for areas where you want to block out sunlight and reduce glare but maintain your view of the outside, such as bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and home offices. Outsiders will be able to see inside at night when the lights are on.

What do i need to know about solar shades?

  • If you're thinking about purchasing solar shades, you probably already know that they're the ideal solution for homeowners looking for window coverings that provide heat reduction while maintaining a clear view of the outside.

  • Solar shades accomplish that by:
    Blocking 95% of harmful and warming UV rays due to their heat and light absorbing materials increasing energy efficiency by creating an extra layer of insulation between the inside of your home, your windows, and the outdoors reducing or eliminating glare in areas that receive ample amounts of sunlight, such as bedrooms, patios, sunrooms, decks, and more using transparent materials that allow you to still clearly see the outdoors even when the shade is drawn and 95% of outside sunlight and UV rays are blocked.

  • In addition to these features, solar shades are also easy to maintain and install. Their moisture and mold-resistant properties making them a good option for bathrooms and kitchens.

What's an alternative to wood blinds?

  • If you're dead-set on getting the look of real wood blinds without the potential downsides, faux wood blinds may be the perfect option for your home. Not only do they look virtually identical to real wood blinds, but they're also more resistant to the elements and they're easier to clean and maintain. In many cases, faux wood blinds are less expensive than real wood blinds as well. The only downside is that they are heavier than wood blinds.

What are the pros and cons of roller shades?

  • PROS:
    A sleek, built-in look that disappears when the shade is fully open Provides an alternative to curtains and other heavy draperies Quick and easy to clean, requires very little maintenance and upkeep. Clutch operating system is efficient and easy to use.

  • CONS:
    May not provide the visual appeal some homeowners look for in window coverings. 

    Roller shades are ordered using the width at the top of the window. Because the mechanisms are located on the end of the roller tube, the fabric will be 7/8” to 1 1/2” less than the ordered width. These gaps are usually not visible when you order a light filtering fabric. With blackout fabrics the gaps are more visible.

What are the best blinds for picture windows?

We recommend choosing a window covering that fits your home's décor and style, as well as your personal preferences. Large wood and faux wood blinds can greatly enhance the beauty of large picture windows, while aluminum blinds offer a more practical and economic approach. Roller shades are very effective for large windows because they come in much wider sizes and have operating systems designed to operate large shades.

What are standard size blinds?

Because windows come in all shapes and sizes and blind installations can vary from inside and outside mounts, there is no true standard size for window blinds. However, many windows fall within the range of 24 to 60 inches in width and 36 to 72 inches in height, especially in homes with traditional floor plans and apartments.

What are cordless cellular shades?

As the name suggests, cordless cellular shades are shades that are operated without the use of an external cord, string, loop, or chain. You operate cordless shades by gripping a handle on the bottomrail and moving the shade into the desired position.

Why are cellular shades so expensive?

Cellular shades are sometimes more expensive than other types of shades due to their complexity and versatility. The fabric used in cellular shade is not made from a single piece of fabric, cellular shades are manufactured by combining multiple layers of material to create pleats. Single cell shades work well to insulate your home and are perfect for budget-minded homeowners, while double cell cellular shades have a higher upfront cost but are a little more effective in insulating your windows.

What are the best blinds for hot, sunny weather?

If you prefer blinds, faux wood and aluminum blinds are effective at keeping the heat's outside from raising the ambient temperature of your home. If you prefer shades, consider purchasing blackout shades, which are designed to eliminate as much light as possible from entering your home. Cellular shades are also highly effective at insulating your home and keeping cold air inside. Double cell shades provide the best insulation R-factor but the R-factors are listed on every cell shade product on our website.

What kind of shades should I purchase for a basement window?

For basement window coverings that will be easy to clean and maintain, Yourblinds recommends faux wood blinds, roller shades, or blackout shades for the ultimate in light control, privacy, and insulation to protect your basement from heat and sunlight.

What are faux wood blinds made of?

The slats of fauxwood blinds are manufactured using vinyl and vinyl compound materials.

What are cellular shades?

Cellular shades are a popular type of window covering that are made using pleated fabric that's arranged to create honeycomb pockets or compartments that fold into themselves when the shade is raised and help provide extra insulation when the shade is lowered.