YourBlinds Lifetime Promise of Satisfaction

We want you to buy confidently, knowing you have our commitment to support you, not just for the next 30 days, but over the lifetime of your blinds. Your satisfaction matters to us.

Our Promise When you Receive Your Blinds

If your blinds are not the way you expected when you receive them, contact us and we will quickly and thoroughly respond to achieve your satisfaction. Many times this will mean the fabricator will want to repair or remake your shade to correct what they did wrong. Please understand, and work with us to achieve your satisfaction. After this, if we are still not able to satisfy you, we will coordinate the return of your shade and refund your money.

In the event that you do not: measure correctly, request swatches before ordering your blinds/shades, read all of the information about your product that is available on our website, place your order correctly, review your order confirmation for correctness or install the product according to manufacturer recommendations we are still here to help. Some (not all) manufacturers offer “Oops Discounts” to have the shade remade at less than the original cost to you.

No matter the cause, our commitment is to work with you to achieve a solution, so you can be satisfied.

Our Promise to Help with Warranty or Repair Issues

A blind will usually last 7-10 years depending upon where it is installed and the amount of use it receives. A few shades will eventually need to have strings replaced or other minor repairs affected based upon normal wear and tear. Our Promise is to expeditiously assist you in arranging for the repair of your blind so you don’t have to look at your shade and be disappointed. We are just a quick call away.

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